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Frequently asked Questions

Feel free to ask questions that you don’t find answered anywhere in the group Sweet Sculpties in SL.

Q: What could I post here on the website ?
A: There are four main categories for posts on this site.

  • Help
  • Multi Sculpts
  • Single Sculpts
  • Slice Shapes

Help can contain everything from a little tip on how something specific can be accomplished to complete guides or workbooks.

Multi Sculpts are posts of objects that use more than one sculptie. They should contain links to posts of the individual Single Sculpts.It would be nice if you could add a screen-shot of the object to the post.

Each post in Single Sculpts should contain at least the Notecard for the sculptie and links to all custom Slice Shapes, if you used any. Better would be if the post also has things like a description, screen-shot, sculpt-image …

Slice Shapes should contain at least the according Notecard. If you can supply a custom slice-texture and a description, it would be even better.

Q: How do I post a Notecard ?
A: First of all copy the content of the Notecard from SL  into a new Textfile (txt) on you local harddrive and save it. Write your post. When it comes to inserting the Notecard, just handle it like a media-file.

Click on “Add Notecard” as shown below.

Click on the Browse button (1) and select your saved .txt file (2) and finally upload it (3)

The last Step is to insert it into your Post (4). The Notecard appears now as a link in your post.

Q: Why doesnt my Comment appear on the Website ?
A: If it is your first Comment , an Administrator has to approve it. You need one previous approved Comment to make them appear automatic.