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Inside out

Hi! I’m having a little problem with a sculpt. When I apply the sculptmap to the prim, half of it looks nice and the other half is inside out. I click the “Inside out”-box and its just reversed, obviously.  The problem seems to occur when i go from the outside to the hollow inside. How can […]

Texturing Sculpt Studio Sculpties with Photoshop CS4 3D

I’m by no means an authority on this subject, but I’ve been Googling for months and have never found a tutorial specifically telling me whats required for texturing a Second Life Sculpty using Photoshop CS4 3D (Extended) so I thought I’d record my findings here to assist those with a similar mission, and perhaps bring […]

Add Copy/Paste Pos&Rot to other tools currently, the slice repeator, mirror, mover, etc, can’t have positions and rotations pasted to it like you would between slices. i discovered a work around for this. Rez a slice, “open” it so you create a folder in your inventory from it’s contents. Rez the tool you want to add the ability to. Drag […]

Documentation for new xml sculpt file format

neeeeeeed that one (with turtle command descriptions) !!!!!

Slice Stacker 1.0

This is a utility for Sculpt Studio v 6.0.  It will allow you to stack every odd-numbered slice to its previous even-numbered counterpart. (And actually become a duplicate of that previous slice.) Based on — and not to be confused with — Ruthvenwillenov’s Slice Doubler script.  (That one changes the number of slices in your […]