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A rounded railing ;)

Hopefully I posted this correctly, never posted before 🙂 My contribution, took me quite a while and is not perfect, but please feel free to play wiff it 🙂 ————-[ START COPYING HERE ]—————————————— <sculpt name=”Sculptie_o05Q8CoEeexe0n2f” slices=”64″ points=”16″ > <info>Created by Osiris Acropolis 2011-03-20 23:09:48</info> <frame size=”3.0836,1.8217,0.55″ pos=”-0.7644,-3.3208,1.6167″ rot=”0,0,0,1.” stitching=”Cylinder” /> <slices> <s d=”0,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-1.868,-2.4597,1.8417,0,0.7071,0,0.7071,0″ >Circle</s> […]

Chandelier Hanging Lamp

chandelier-sculpt droophex hexspread For this sculpt, you’ll need the 2 slice shapes, as well as the sculpt called “Chandelier-SCULPT”. One slice shape is called “HexSpread”, which is simply the default hexagon shape, except that I spread out 5 points evenly on each flat side (so I could texture it with more detail later). The other […]