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coordinate cross

hi there, this was my first sculpt studio thingie, now dedicating it to the public 😉 coordinate-cross-sculpt

Drinking Glass

This notecard will rez with slices 0 through 15 for the outside and 16 through 31 for the inside.  At the bottom of the glass, slices 0 and 1 are in same position as are 30 and 31.  You can easily separate them.  At the top, layer 15 and 16 are in the same position. […]

Hollow Cylinder (2)

Here are two methods to creating a hollow cylinder.    As you can see, they are identical in regards to texture distribution even though the methods are very different.   Notecard: hollow-cylinder-cyl – Despite the way it looks when you rez the slices, the sculpt type needs to be set to TORUS. Notecard: hollow-cylinder-tor – I edited this one to use […]

Parabolic Dish

Endlessly useful shape, apply different slices and stretch or spiral on for different effects, used in my security device at SL Exchange. Notecard: ParabolicDish-SCULPT


A Valve for the boiler of a moka pot. Notecard: Valve-SCULPT