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This is a slice shape that I created as I needed it for a build of mine and thought that it might be of use to someone in the future. The shape is an equilateral triangle, but because of there being 32 points and only three sides to a triangle, one of the sides have […]


This is a square with sharp corners. It’s different tha the 4-Vert-Sq in that the points in between the corners are evenly distributed. Notecard: SquareSH


I created this slice because the one in Sculpt Studio didn’t meet the edges of the slice. I found that by pushing the points to the edges (or shrinking the slice while in edit mode so that the points meet the edges), it is easier to predict how the size of your slices will affect your sculpt. […]

Dented Square rounded 2

Another rounded variation of the dented square a bit “fuller” Notecard: dented_square_rounded_2

Dented Square rounded 1

A rounded Variation of the dented Square Notecard: dented_square_rounded_1