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Texturing Sculpt Studio Sculpties with Photoshop CS4 3D

I’m by no means an authority on this subject, but I’ve been Googling for months and have never found a tutorial specifically telling me whats required for texturing a Second Life Sculpty using Photoshop CS4 3D (Extended) so I thought I’d record my findings here to assist those with a similar mission, and perhaps bring […]

Add Copy/Paste Pos&Rot to other tools currently, the slice repeator, mirror, mover, etc, can’t have positions and rotations pasted to it like you would between slices. i discovered a work around for this. Rez a slice, “open” it so you create a folder in your inventory from it’s contents. Rez the tool you want to add the ability to. Drag […]

Slice Stacker 1.0

This is a utility for Sculpt Studio v 6.0.  It will allow you to stack every odd-numbered slice to its previous even-numbered counterpart. (And actually become a duplicate of that previous slice.) Based on — and not to be confused with — Ruthvenwillenov’s Slice Doubler script.  (That one changes the number of slices in your […]

Fleur’s quick and dirty guide to Version 6 Part 3 – A New Balloon, I call it the Speed Balloon

This is Part 3 of my quick and dirty guide for Version 6 intended for new and lapsed and returning users  Before starting this you need to have introduced yourself to Sculpt Studio Version 6 by being familiar with everything listed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this guide. Ok I know its mostly WORDS […]

Slice Doubler

I had a sculpt that I made from 128 slices, I decided I wanted to double them up for a little LOD resistance. Since they were all squares and poles, loss of points per slice wasn’t gonna be an issue when changing to 256 slices. After playing with Calc (’s version of excel) I got […]