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Sticky: Fleur’s quick and dirty newbie starter tutorial for Sculpt Studio Version 6+

You’ve just bought your studio, you have some sl building experience, you’re too eager to wait for Ele’s classes.  How do you get started? Note that this is a ‘doing’ guide – it won’t mean anything unless you get your studio out and work along with it.  I guarantee you’ll have a sculpty inworld by […]

Fleur’s quick and dirty guide to Version 6.01 Part 2 – From-to Exercises

This is Part 2 of my quick and dirty guide for Version 6 intended for new and lapsed and returning users 🙂 Before starting this you need to have introduced yourself to Sculpt Studio Version 6 by being familiar with everything listed in Part 1 of this guide. If you’d rather make a balloon first, […]


Ok, I know I haven’t posted in a while and saying that I’ve been swamped is an understatement. But don’t let that stop you from pulling out the new HUD! 1. Click your studio –>> rez –>> create a HUD 2. Take the HUD into inventory. 3. Either wear or rez next to your studio […]


LESSON 5: This is where we start getting picky about precision. We’re going to smooth out your balloon and add string to it. WARNING: This lesson may not make sense if you tried to skip LESSON 4! Now it’s time to get picky with our organic stuff and get more precise when it comes to […]


LESSON 4 : Now it’s time to open up a slice and start moving points around. We’ll be getting more familiar with setting “from-here to-here” for both points and slices. We’ll also cover sharp corners and flat ends. NOVICE CONCEPTS 1. manipulating points to get a sharp corner 2. setting your pionts to the edge […]