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SquareEQ Sliceshape

SquareEQ Remember that sliceshape notecards have no ending (as opposed to sculpt notecards with end in “-SCULPT”).  Copy the text from this embedded document into a new notecard in SL and name “SquareEQ”, save and place into the contents of your SS mat.

Only of Christian Louboutin dim dark leather Boots

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Maximize from Abercrombie & Fitch

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Double Laser-Gun optimized for animated vehicles

This sculptie uses a simple Frame-trick to offset the center of rotation for convenient LSL animating. It uses the custom Slice shape rndSq16. Notecard: 2LaserGun-SCULPT

Where and How do I get an update

to Sculpt Studio v5.0 please.  I tried to contact TheBlack Box from my SL page, and got the message “the user doesn not exist” fivesinger Zenovka