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Micro Sculpties

As you may know SL has a prim-size minimum of 0.01m which can be annoying specially on attachments such as jewelery. For regular prims there are prim-torture methods to make a prim appear smaller than the prim-size suggests. For sculpted prims there is a different method. The trick is to make the Frame larger than […]

Separating Parts

Separating parts within a single sculptie is very easy with the Sculpt Studio. The path between two consecutive slices that have the “Pole” slice shape becomes invisible in a fully loaded sculptie. To flatten the ends: To make the edges look sharp:

Sculpt Type

The Sculpt type (or “Stitching type”) is a setting each sculptie has. It determines how the edges (top,bottom, left,right) of a sculpt-map are being handled. Types Sphere (Converge top & bottom, stitch left side to right) Torus (Stitch top to bottom, stitch left side to right) Plane (No stitching or converging) Cylinder (Stitch left side […]