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Guitar body shapes (my first post)

Hi all   Im new to this site so i wanted to give a piece of my work here in the form of (IMHO) really good own made slices. The best result for these slices is to make a custom pole (to prevent the webbing effect). Do enjoy EDIT: i dont know why the photos […]

Rounded Square optimized for 64 Slices

This is a simple 16 Point Slice shape which i am using a lot. A rounded square. Sliceshape notecard: rndsq16

Octagonal Slice

Hi there, This slice is not a true octagon, as it uses the main points on the slice edit grid, but that was what I wanted. I have included a custom closing slice to give even texturing. custom-slice-32p-octagon close-slice-32p-octagon


A square with equal points on all sides.  Included is the sculpted slice shape and picture.  Built using a 32pt slice. Notecard: SquareEQ

Airplane Wing Foil Shape

Slice: <sliceshape points=”32″> <point number=”0″ pos=”-0.228810,0.041680,0.001580″  /> <point number=”1″ pos=”-0.255830,0.043340,0.001780″  /> <point number=”2″ pos=”-0.251930,0.067030,0.001560″  /> <point number=”3″ pos=”-0.247710,0.090710,0.001440″  /> <point number=”4″ pos=”-0.243180,0.114400,0.001330″  /> <point number=”5″ pos=”-0.238340,0.138080,0.001100″  /> <point number=”6″ pos=”-0.233180,0.161770,0.000990″  /> <point number=”7″ pos=”-0.227700,0.185450,0.000780″  /> <point number=”8″ pos=”-0.221920,0.209140,0.000650″  /> <point number=”9″ pos=”-0.215820,0.232830,0.000440″  /> <point number=”10″ pos=”-0.209400,0.256520,0.000320″  /> <point number=”11″ pos=”-0.202670,0.280200,0.000200″  /> <point number=”12″ pos=”-0.195630,0.303890,-0.000020″  /> […]