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5 Point Star

When I first got my SS I was looking for a 5 point star and someone (cant remember who it was, my apologies) provided me with this one. Hope that it helps someone in thier creation process with the SS. 5-point-star April 8th 2009- I am updating this slice shape for V6.0 of the Sculpt […]


Simple Cross Slice Shape Notecard: cross-slice

Half Circle

My first try at doing a half circle for a project I was doing. Hope others can use it. NoteCard: half-circle


This is a slice shape that I created as I needed it for a build of mine and thought that it might be of use to someone in the future. The shape is an equilateral triangle, but because of there being 32 points and only three sides to a triangle, one of the sides have […]


This is a square with sharp corners. It’s different tha the 4-Vert-Sq in that the points in between the corners are evenly distributed. Notecard: SquareSH