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cooking pan

Pan for cooking. I orginally designed this to substitute the prim-monsters delivered with Nutri-Life-System. pan-sculpt

Twisted Rings

twisted-rings-sculpt i made this sculpt when i first bought the studio a few weeks ago. thought i’d share. what i did was rezzed a 128 slice ring, then 1 by one i selected 2 slices across from each other and rotated them slightly on the Z axis rotating just a bit more one each step, […]

Chair Frame

Here is a chair frame that I made for some bar stools that I’m building that I wish to share with everyone.Enjoy everyone!!! chrframe-Sculpt

Chandelier Hanging Lamp

chandelier-sculpt droophex hexspread For this sculpt, you’ll need the 2 slice shapes, as well as the sculpt called “Chandelier-SCULPT”. One slice shape is called “HexSpread”, which is simply the default hexagon shape, except that I spread out 5 points evenly on each flat side (so I could texture it with more detail later). The other […]

Drinking Glass

This notecard will rez with slices 0 through 15 for the outside and 16 through 31 for the inside.  At the bottom of the glass, slices 0 and 1 are in same position as are 30 and 31.  You can easily separate them.  At the top, layer 15 and 16 are in the same position. […]