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Spiral Stairs

I made this single sculpt Spiral Staircase just as an experiment and thought it may be of use to some people. Its probably very amateurish compared to what others can do, but i have only had SS for a couple of weeks. Enjoy! 🙂   heres the Notecard for the Sculpty spiralstairs-sculpt and the Slice […]


You can Screw too! With this handy, dandy, Screwdriver Notecard: Screwdriver. Its just a basic look at some of the things you can do with some of Sculpt Studio’s basic shapes. Granted, the photo was taken after some smoothing was done, but you still get the idea.

Hollow Cylinder (2)

Here are two methods to creating a hollow cylinder.    As you can see, they are identical in regards to texture distribution even though the methods are very different.   Notecard: hollow-cylinder-cyl – Despite the way it looks when you rez the slices, the sculpt type needs to be set to TORUS. Notecard: hollow-cylinder-tor – I edited this one to use […]

Parabolic Dish

Endlessly useful shape, apply different slices and stretch or spiral on for different effects, used in my security device at SL Exchange. Notecard: ParabolicDish-SCULPT


A Valve for the boiler of a moka pot. Notecard: Valve-SCULPT