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Slice Stacker 1.0

This is a utility for Sculpt Studio v 6.0.  It will allow you to stack every odd-numbered slice to its previous even-numbered counterpart. (And actually become a duplicate of that previous slice.)
Based on — and not to be confused with — Ruthvenwillenov’s Slice Doubler script.  (That one changes the number of slices in your sculpt to twice what it was before.  This one does not change the number of slices.)


1: Create a SCULPT notecard of your sculpt.

2: Rez a prim, and put in the SliceStacker script, and your SCULPT notecard you want to convert.

3: Click the prim.  If you do not wish to stack all your slices, you may enter a start and/or end number here.  The default is 0-256, which is the maximum slices you can have in a sculpt.

4: Click the prim again and hit Execute! to start the conversion.

5: Open your Chat History and copy the notecard lines, just like you do when you have Sculpt Studio Say Slices.

**IMPORTANT**  For some reason, Sculpt Studio does not like my object name prefixes on the OwnerSay lines.  You should paste the text to a text editor, or even into a script, and then use the Search/Replace function to find !: and replace it with “”.

//– problems, things to adjust
//  1: only stacks odd on even, not vice versa
//  2: doesn’t average 2 slices, or average 3 slices, or 4
//–dont even know if notecard reading can handle this juggling
//  3: doesnt save the odd slice’s shape, if it is different from prev
//–ie: ending poles, or shape changes.

Please feel free to modify, improve, update, and distribute!


There are actually a few reasons you may want to double up your slices.

1: Better LOD resistance.
Suppose you only need a 16×32 sculptie.  Well, you can only do 32×32 or 16×64.  If you did 64 slices, you can stack every two slices to get what essentially ends up as 32 slices with double LOD.

2: RGB Rounding.
This is what I use it most for.  If one section of your sculptie loses its shape and starts having jagged pieces sticking out here and there from your lovely smooth lines — you have RGB Rounding.  That is when there are too few RGB colours in the section for each point to get the exact position it wants.
The solution to RGB rounding is to have fewer points/slices in the area where the jaggies are occurring.  Instead of re-positioning every slice in your sculpt to pull slices out of this area, you could just judiciously stack slices together so there is essentially only half the number of points competing for the RGB swatches.


3 Comments on “Slice Stacker 1.0”

  1. #1 Paul_Norfolk
    on Sep 10th, 2009 at 7:14 am

    Haven’t had the chance to try this yet as I’m not on a PC that will run SL, but if it works, then this is exactly what I was looking for the other day.

    Thanks =)

  2. #2 ruthvenwillenov
    on Sep 10th, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    sweet, that’s kinda what i was going for, but it wouldn’t have worked with the sculpt i developed mine with. and you can actually name the object “”, instead of “!”, and then put “/me” at the beginning of each line and it’ll remove the colon

  3. #3 Shifter Gynoid
    on Oct 1st, 2009 at 5:11 am

    Good to see some 3rd party support coming in for the studio, since official support has stopped!

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