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Add Copy/Paste Pos&Rot to other tools

currently, the slice repeator, mirror, mover, etc, can’t have positions and rotations pasted to it like you would between slices. i discovered a work around for this. Rez a slice, “open” it so you create a folder in your inventory from it’s contents. Rez the tool you want to add the ability to. Drag and drop all of the controller scripts (not sure if all are really needed, just did it to be sure) and the menu script, the menu slave script isn’t needed. make sure you set the scripts to running with the tools menu. delete the original tool from the mat. Take the modified tool, and drop it into the contents of the mat. Then when you need to use it, find it in the menu as usual, click it, and you will receive 2 dialogs. the regular tool menu, and a “slice” menu. you can copy and paste as if it were a slice (even size if you want that). now that i’ve brought it up on here (and conor Kaligawa mentioned it in group chat), hopefully it can be added as an official feature

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