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Selecting From- and To-Slice

Selecting From- and To-Slice

This Menu opens when Sl. X to Y in the Base Menu has been chosen and From- and To-Slices had been selected before.

From-To Menus

From-To Menus

  • Position – positions the Slices between From and To on a evenly spaced line.
    From-To Position

    From-To Position

  • Rotation – rotates the Slices between From and To to a smooth transition
    This automatically rotates all Slices so that the rotation of From
    and the rotation of To will be used the rotate the slices in between so that
    the rotations between those Slices will be made equal.
  • Size – scales the Slices between From and To linearly.
    From-To Size

    From-To Size

  • Just Smooth – smooths the Slices between From and To
    Slice From and To will not be affected.
  • Load – loads a Slice-Notecard into all Slices FromTo.
    This offers you to select a Slice-Notecard that will be loaded to all Slices From to To.
  • Morph – morphs all Slice-Shapes between From and To.
    This allows to create intermediate slice-shapes between From and To automatically,
    to gradually morph from one Slice-Shape to another.
  • Edit – opens all Slices From to To for editting. All their Points will get rezzed, if it isn`t open yet.
  • Close – closes all Slices From to To saving their changed Point-positions.
  • Cancel – closes all Slices From to To dicarding changes made to Point-positions.
  • Only 1 Dim – same as Position and Size but on a single dimension (x, y or z)
  • Curve – rezzes a Curve-Center Prim for curving the section From to To.
    You MUST have different rotations on the From-Slice and the To-Slice for this to work.
    The Curve-Center Prim that will be rezzed is being used as “center” of your curving.
    You can change its position to influence the curving.
    You can delete the Curve-Center Prim anytime you like.
    Anytime the Curve-Center Prim changes position the curving will be updated.
    Yes, you can have multiple Curve-Center Prims rezzed for different sections of the Sculptie at once.
  • Link – links each Slice in the selection with its Points (helpful for moving open slices).
  • Unlink – unlinks each Slice in the selection from its Points.
  • Thickness – allows to set the thickness of all Slices in the selection.
  • Paste Slice – pastes a copied Slice-Shape to all Slices FromTo.
  • Paste Posi – pastes a copied Slice position.
  • Paste Rota – pastes a copied Slice rotation.
  • Paste Size – pastes a copied Slice size.
  • Point Size – opens a sub-menu to set Point-Size for all open Slices in the selection.
  • Partic On/Off – Turns Particles On/Off for all open Slices in the selection.
  • Scan – causes all Slices in the selection to perform a 3d-scan.
    This allows you to perfom a collision-based prim-scan for this Slice.

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