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Frame Menu

This menu open when the frame is being touched.

Frame Menu

Frame Menu

  • Sculptie ! – starts the Sculpt creation. This is the last thing you do before you will recieve the result of your work.
  • Sculpt Prim – creates a Sculpted Prim at the size of the Sculpt Frame to be used to see you result quickly.
    You can replace the Sculpt Prim with your own prim like most SL-tools allow it, to become the Creator of the Sculpt Prim. In order to do so you need to rez a Studio, drag a Sculpt Frame out of it, drag the Sculpt Prim out of the Sculpt Frame. Put the Script from the Sculpt Prim to your own Prim. Change the texture/color/shininess… of your Prim as you would like it.

    Name your new Prim “Sculpt Prim”
    Replace the Sculpt Prim in the Sculpt Frame with your new one.
    Replace the Sculpt Frame in your Studio with your new one.
    If you have trouble doing this please ask in the Group “Sweet Sculpties”

  • Name – allows to change the filename of the resulting Sculpt-Texture
  • Auto Adjust – automatically adjusts the Frame for optimal precision.
    This will cause the Sculpt Frame to resize itself to fit the Slice-Points perfectly. This you need for optimal resolution.
  • Close – closes the Sculpt-Frame and stores chages. This removes the Sculpt-Frame but the Studio stores its position rotation and size.
  • Cancel – closes the Sculpt-Frame and discards changes. This removes the Sculpt-Frame discarding changes to its position rotation and size.

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