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for Points

This menu open when Po. X – Y has been chosen in a Slice Menu.

From-To Menu for Points

From-To Menu for Points

  • Curve – rezzes a Curve-Attractor Prim that allows to create a curving on the Points between From and To.
  • Pos x,y,z – positions the Points between From and To on a evenly spaced line. This automatically puts all Points between From and To at a straight line between From and To. The distances between those Points will be made equal.
  • Pos x /y/z – same as Pos x,y,z but only on 1 dimension (x,y or z)
  • Paste Pos – pastes a copied Point-position to all Points from From to To
  • Smooth Pos – smooths all Points from to according to their neighboring Point-positions

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