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This slice I came up with due to the texturing difficulties when trying to use the 4-Vrt Square, in this version the Points are evenly distributed on each side, thus making it perfect for areas in which you want a lot of texture detail.

The arrows on the slice-image indicate the point positions and differentiate it from regular squares

Notecard: Sq-Wall Notecard

4 Comments on “Square-Wall”

  1. #1 ET
    on Sep 12th, 2008 at 9:35 am

    Are the points evenly spaced on four sides or two? (I ask because the arrows on the image are only on two sides.)

    VickieGreenwood Reply:

    on two sides.
    Im gonna post a 4-side version also a bit later on

    Ghanie Lane Reply:

    I already had a 4-sided version so I posted it today. It’s under SquareSH. 🙂

    ET Reply:


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