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LESSON 4 : Now it’s time to open up a slice and start moving points around. We’ll be getting more familiar with setting “from-here to-here” for both points and slices. We’ll also cover sharp corners and flat ends.

1. manipulating points to get a sharp corner
2. setting your pionts to the edge of your slice
3. manipulating slices to get a flat edge
4. mastering the “from-here to-here” function
5. introduction to poles

studio –>> rez slices –>> MYblank
slice 31 –>> edit slice
find point 4 … right-click –>> edit … and drag it to the bottom left corner of the slice using the position arrows. Move point 27 to the bottom right corner.

Now we’re going to tweak the position of those points to the “edge” of the slice.

If you right-click –>> edit your slice and click the object tab, you’ll find the X and Y position for the slice. Since the slice is 2m wide, the points need to either be either +1 or -1 of the X and Y positions to meet the edge.

Just follow the arrows as in the photo below to move the points to the corners. If the arrow is pointing at the Point, add 1; if not, subtract 1 as in the following photo:

Set points 11 and 20 to the corners also. Set their edge as well.

Lets get strait lines using the “from-here to-here” and pos <x,y,z> features. NOTE: when setting your “from-here to-here” values, ALWAYS go clockwise or you’ll lose all your work!!!

point 20 –>> from here –>> point 27 –>> to here –>> Po.20-27 ->> pos <x,y,z>

Try to follow the arrows for the rest.

It should have been:
from point 27 to point 4
from point 4 to point 11
from point 11 to point 20

It should look like this:

It looks like a square, yay! … which is good for a lot of sculptors. But we’re Sculpt Studio sculptors and we want those corners to be sharp. That requires 2 points to be in the same place. We are going to do that at the corners using the “copy pos” and “paste pos” functions.

point 27 –>> copy pos –>> point 28 –>> paste pos

Follow the photo below to move the other “corner” points using the copy pos and paste pos functions.

Now we’ll need to use the pos <x,y,z> function again to evenly space out those points. Except you might not be able to touch your point easily. So lets practice touching your points using the menu. So follow these menu commands:

slice –>> Touch Point –>> 2… –>> 28 –>> From Here
slice –>> Touch Point –>>  3 –>> To Here –>> Po. 28-3 –>> Pos <x,y,z>

slice –>> Touch Point –>> 1… –>> 12 –>> From Here
slice –>> Touch Point –>> 1… –>> 19 –>> To Here –>> Po. 12-19 –>> Pos <x,y,z>

slice –>> close slice
slice –>> save slice –>>say slice

Copy and paste the output into a notecard and name it squareSH (for a square with sharp corners). Drag the notecard into your studio.

Alright, that was fun .. lets give all our slices the new shape now.

studio –>> Load All –>> square SH

Now each point connects to each like-point vertically. Imagine a large piece of plastic wrap going up the sides of the box. Make it follow the points from slice 0 to slice 31. Is it a box? Well, no because the top and bottom parts are still open. The plastic wrap needs to close. And the most common way of doing so for sculpts is by using Poles.

A Pole is a slice in which each point is in the same position: in the center of the slice. This is good enough for us because the middle of the slice is the middle of the box. So ….

slice 0 –>> Load Slice –>> Pole
slice 31 –>> Load Slice –>> Pole

Try the plastic wrap exercise again and you’ll get pointy ends. And we’re going to flatten that out by moving slices 1 and 30 to the same position as slice 0 and 31.

slice 0 –>> copy –>> copy posi
slice 1 –>> paste –>> paste posi

slice 31 –>> copy –>> copy posi
slice 30 –>> paste –>> paste posi

This is good enough for some people but we’re Sculpt Studio users and can get those ends completely flat as prims. So copy the position for slice 0 or 1 (whichever one it decides to click) and paste position for Slice 2. And copy the position for slice 30 or 31 and paste position for slice 29.

Ok, we’re almost there … just have to get rid of those gaps. Lets use one of the newer features to even out those slices.

slice 3 –>> touch –>> touch prev –>> from here
slice 28 –>> touch –>> touch next –>> to here

NOTE: Sometimes you can get lucky and click the slice directly. But other times you’ll have a lot of slices in the same point so this feature turns out to be VERY USEFUL!

studio –>> sl. 2-29 –>> position

studio –>> say slices
studio –>> edit frame
touch the frame –>> auto adjust

While it is auto-adjusting, paste the output into a new notecard and name it “box-SCULPT”. Drop the new notecard into your studio. I plan to be going back to this box in a future lesson so please save it.

While your frame was moving, it was scanning each point in all the slices to make sure they all end up in the box. Once it’s finished, touch the frame and click “Sculptie!”.

Click the frame again … sculpt prim –>> SPHERE

Copy/paste your link into your web browser and save the file onto your desktop. Then upload your texture. Be sure the “use lossless compression” box is checked.

Your box should look like this for now.

If it does, it’s already looking better than some of the ones people sell! So pat yourself on the back and tuck it away for a future lesson when we get it looking even better :-).

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  1. #1 Woohoo! I made a box! « Lorimae Undercroft
    on Apr 21st, 2009 at 10:30 am

    […] Tutorial here: […]

  2. #2 Jessanne
    on Apr 29th, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    Little confused on this part! I have gotten through steps 1-3 without a hitch, I am very experienced in building (thank goodness for shortcuts and the GRID!!)

    Any advice on this? :

    Lets get strait lines using the “from-here to-here” and pos features. NOTE: when setting your “from-here to-here” values, ALWAYS go clockwise or you’ll lose all your work!!!

    point 20 –>> from here –>> point 27 –>> to here –>> Po.20-27 ->> pos

  3. #3 Jessanne
    on Apr 29th, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Oh wait! I got it.. you touch the slice to line up the x,y,z! (Not the point itself) Heh.. that wasn’t quite clear to me.

    🙂 Thanks!

    Nedria Cyr Reply:

    I did the same thing Jessanne! “Wait..what?” until I figured out to click on the slice… lol

  4. #4 Dutchglory
    on May 4th, 2009 at 11:00 am


    question: why do have to work clockwise?

  5. #5 Ghanie Lane
    on May 4th, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    When it comes to points, 20-27 and 27-20 will align different sets of points. You’ll basically lose your work and have to start over.

  6. #6 Bo Fiddlesticks
    on May 7th, 2009 at 7:24 am

    Great tutorial Ghanie! 😀

    I’m a SS novice, but after closing the slice for the first time, touching the slice doesn’t show the button ‘say slice’. I have to touch the button ‘save’ first. Could this be a new feature in v6?

    Just sayin’ :o]

  7. #7 Ghanie Lane
    on May 10th, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Yes, there are a lot of new changes in v6. I’ll be updating them once I have the time.

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