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Drinking Glass

This notecard will rez with slices 0 through 15 for the outside and 16 through 31 for the inside.  At the bottom of the glass, slices 0 and 1 are in same position as are 30 and 31.  You can easily separate them.  At the top, layer 15 and 16 are in the same position.  I recommend using your hud to more easily select your slices.  I have made a number of bottles, vases and a top hat with hatband using this as my starter.

Other recommendations:  When sizing, I try to keep corresponding inside/outside slices together.  I rotate or resize them together.  To globally apply to transition sizes and or rotations or positions, I will do slices 1-15 (since 0 and 1 are in the same place, take the higher one) and apply the change and then do it again for slices 16-30.  This keeps everything where it should be in relation to inside/outside.

Try applying other types of slices.

Adjust the thickness of the glass by adjusting the inside or outside slices.

Hope it helps you.   ~ele


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