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Twisted Rings


i made this sculpt when i first bought the studio a few weeks ago. thought i’d share. what i did was rezzed a 128 slice ring, then 1 by one i selected 2 slices across from each other and rotated them slightly on the Z axis rotating just a bit more one each step, then i mirrored the second half. saved it to a notecard, copied and pasted all the lines to create a 256 slice sculpt. (make sure you change the slice numbers in the notecard or the studio will mess up when rezzing the slices.) re-rezzed the “ring” as a 256 slice sculpt, then using the repeat tool, i rotated it 90 degrees from slice 0 and repeated 0-127 to 128-255. the same method could be applied to rings with less slices, but i’ve been too lazy to go back and do it. using less slices will allow more points per slice and will give the “bars” a more rounded surface

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