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Sticky: Fleur’s quick and dirty newbie starter tutorial for Sculpt Studio Version 6+

You’ve just bought your studio, you have some sl building experience, you’re too eager to wait for Ele’s classes.  How do you get started?

Note that this is a ‘doing’ guide – it won’t mean anything unless you get your studio out and work along with it.  I guarantee you’ll have a sculpty inworld by the end of it 🙂

I’ve also updated the guide by adding some video links for those of you who need to see, they’re quite basic, with no talking, extra text or music, and they’re each quite short, so you can look up things you don’t already know and skip the rest.

Rez the studio and create the HUD

  1. Rez a studio.
  2. Touch it and select ‘Create HUD’ from the menu – a cute little HUD will rez on top of the studio.
  3. Take the HUD into your inventory and ‘wear’ it.  Like any SL HUD, it will appear on your screen.  Should be bigger now too.  Some people actually prefer to use it inworld instead of as a HUD – its up to you but I recommend you wear and use it as an on-screen HUD first before trying to use it inworld.
  4. Using the usual sl edit/build/move methods, move the HUD to the place you’d like to use it.
  5. Test the arrows – see that the hud can move right out of the way when you don’t need it.

Rez some slices

  1. Touch the studio base again.
  2. Select ‘Rez Slices‘ from the menu.
  3. Select ‘Classics’ from the menu.
  4. Choose any set of slices you like the sound of.  Watch them rez and marvel at the beauty 🙂 or wonder what tha? your choice 🙂 enjoy 🙂
  5. Accept that you too will soon be making lovely smooth, precise and intricate shapes like these, but for now let them rez and get feel for how the studio works.
  6. Touch any slice, look at the menu, scroll through the pages. You don’t understand what all these words mean yet, but you do kinda get some of them, don’t worry about the rest just yet.   If you’re feeling game, select some menu options and see what happens.
  7. If you’re impatient, skip down to “Name and Make the Sculpty” now, as long as you faithfully promise to go through the rest of this guide once you’ve made your first sculpt 🙂  I don’t really mind if you don’t, but you’ll be a better sculptor much faster if you do 🙂

Experiment with the HUD

  1. Look at your HUD.  If this is the first time you have tried to use it the text which says ‘Sculpt studio’ will be shaded red, indicating that the HUD is not active.  Turn it on by clicking the little red square at the top left-hand corner.  It won’t be connected to the Studio yet either, so a message will pop up telling you to touch a Studio – do this.  You can swap the same HUD between multiple studios too.
  2. Click on a number, or the white space to the left of a number – notice it goes pink for a second, and a menu comes up – its the very same menu you got when you touched a slice.  Don’t worry about the other columns (all the little white and grey squares) for now, you’ve already doubled your SS building power just by getting this much of the HUD going.
  3. Now lets take it a little further, this is the most significant and wonderful thing about the HUD and the reason why I believe new users should acquaint themselves with it right up front: any time you see any tutorial which says use ‘From..To ..’ you can do this instead, its newer, quicker and lots more fun… Click on any number, or the white space to the left of the number, and drag it to any other number – the whole strip will go pink for a second and you’ll get the very useful and tutorially popular From-to menu.  You don’t know what its for yet, but you can see the menus are a little different – if you’re feeling game make a selection, don’t be shy, the worst that can happen is you might have to trash everything and start again 🙂
  4. Note that for some bigger slice ranges (ie more than 32 slices) you may still have to click the slice (or slice number on the HUD) and select ‘From here’ from the menu and then click another slice (or slice number on the HUD) and select ‘To here’.  When you get into point editing, at the present time this is still the only way to select a range of points.

Develop some save and backup habits

  1. Touch the studio base again.  Now that your HUD is working and connected to your Studio you can also get the very same menu by clicking the words ‘Sculpt Studio’ on the HUD itself.
  2. Select one of the save options, my favourite of the moment is ‘.Txt Slices’.  The studio will politely go off and make the text for a notecard based on your current slice set.  I like this method because you don’t get any distracting owner chat, but you could also choose instead the  ‘Say Slices’ option. I recommend you do this every time you’re about to do any kind of From-to effect or trying out anything for the first time or anything you’re not sure about.  When the notecard text is made you will get a URL where you can go to get the text to make a notecard to rebuild your sculpt to that point if necessary.  Apart from the usual SL edit/building ‘undo’ for slices you’ve moved or resized manually, getting the slice notecard is the only kind of ‘save’ you can really do.  Note that everything on the server gets cleared every 24 hours so if you want  a long-term archive and you save all your chat, ‘Say Slices‘  might be a better choice for you.
  3. If you need to make a sculpt from one of your saves, make a notecard with the text as described here.

Name and make the sculpty

We’re getting close to the business end now …
  1. Touch the studio base again, or click the words ‘Sculpt Studio’ on the HUD.
  2. Select ‘Edit Frame’ from the menu.  NB: the edit frame is equivalent to the SL bounding box – if this doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry.
  3. We want to do several things here – first lets name our sculpt – select ‘Name’ from the menu – you’ll get instructions for what to type to change the name – follow them and give your sculpty any name you want.
  4. The menu comes back – select ‘Auto-Adjust’ – you should see the edit frame move about and resize to fit the slices – amazing 🙂  If you cancel the edit frame menu at any time, just click the edit frame to get it back.
  5. The menu comes back again, you can see the other options, at this point we’re ready to get down to business – click ‘Sculptie!’ .. you will see some things happen – the edit frame will change colour, some text will appear telling you how the sculpty making is progressing, when its finished you’ll get a URL – click it (its best not to use SL’s built in browser for this).
  6. First thing you want to do is check the sculpty so click the ‘Previewer’ link – you get an over-acurate (ie unsmoothed) 3d model to look at, proportioned exactly as you’d made it.
  7. If you like it, go back to the first page you were on and save the sculpt map from there.  Get any other files you need immediately or just save the zip file and get them from there.  I always save the zip file too as an archive.
  8. If you want to use it in SL, upload it (L$10 per file) and do a double check in the SL sculpty previewer before uploading it – its not going to be scaled properly but it will give you additional information about how the sculpt will actually look when smoothed by SL.
  9. Throw your sculpt map onto an object and choose the necessary stiching type.

Ok I kind of get it, now what?

  1. Clear your studio and start again – touch the base and click ‘Kill Slices’
  2. Familiarise yourself with the new wiki for Version 6 – you can contribute too.  Especially read about how Sculpt Studio slices turn into sculpty meshes.
  3. Learn about poles – imo there’s no more important SS concept than getting to grips with the pole slice.
  4. Play around with all the ‘from-to‘ options on your studio and make something crazy.
  5. Go to an inworld class, or, bearing in mind the from-to wonders that using the HUD opens up, try some of the pre Version 6 tutorials on this site.
  6. Go do some of the exercises in Part 2 of my dirty guide.
  7. Come up with an idea for something you actually want to make then try to make it.  32 slices is usually recommended for new users.
  8. I recommend you wait until you’ve got a handle on the slice manipulation principles before getting into the wonders of point editing.
  9. Don’t despair, we’ve all been there, and in the old pre HUD days and before we had so many fabulous tools available to us it took longer to get the most basic things done, so its not going to take you as long to learn as it did for the oldtimers 🙂
  10. Come back to the Sweet Sculpties group inworld and ask people to help when you get stuck.

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