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Slice Doubler

I had a sculpt that I made from 128 slices, I decided I wanted to double them up for a little LOD resistance. Since they were all squares and poles, loss of points per slice wasn’t gonna be an issue when changing to 256 slices. After playing with Calc (’s version of excel) I got it to work. I first read the notecard with my own script and read the slice lines twice so that I could copy and paste the chat to Calc, then I had to re-number them, that was easy enough, then I had to copy all that over to notepad to delete the whitespace that wasn’t needed. It didn’t seem to work, so I had to paste it to a SL notecard, and then copy and paste from there to notepad. All that said, obviously not very efficient. So I wrote up this quick script to do all that for me. This is just something i threw together, if anyone finds it usefull, or if anyone has anything to add, just leave a comment, thanks!

to use:

just drop the script into a prim with the sculpt notecard

copy and paste the output from the chat into a new notecard

change the slice number and point number to compensate for the change, IE:

[23:09]  Object: <sculpt name=”SlatBench2″ slices=”128″ points=”8″ >

will become

[23:09]  Object: <sculpt name=”SlatBench2″ slices=”256″ points=”4″ >

save it, and drop it into your studio.

i did have some issues with it reading the first line twice sometimes, and added a blank line at the end, i just ignored those when copying and pasting, or edited them out afterwords


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  1. #1 Shifter Gynoid
    on Dec 5th, 2009 at 6:33 am

    this wouldsave me a lot of time if it were to work in revrse, ie: converting a 128 slice sculpt into a 64 slice sculpt. Still, doesn’t take ell that long to do a little copy/paste between notecards.

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