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SquareEQ Sliceshape


Remember that sliceshape notecards have no ending (as opposed to sculpt notecards with end in “-SCULPT”).  Copy the text from this embedded document into a new notecard in SL and name “SquareEQ”, save and place into the contents of your SS mat.

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A rounded railing ;)

Hopefully I posted this correctly, never posted before 🙂 My contribution, took me quite a while and is not perfect, but please feel free to play wiff it 🙂

————-[ START COPYING HERE ]——————————————

<sculpt name=”Sculptie_o05Q8CoEeexe0n2f” slices=”64″ points=”16″ >

<info>Created by Osiris Acropolis 2011-03-20 23:09:48</info>

<frame size=”3.0836,1.8217,0.55″ pos=”-0.7644,-3.3208,1.6167″ rot=”0,0,0,1.” stitching=”Cylinder” />


<s d=”0,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-1.868,-2.4597,1.8417,0,0.7071,0,0.7071,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”1,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.0678,-2.4597,1.842,0,0.7071,0,0.7071,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”2,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.1554,-2.469,1.842,0.0616,0.7044,-0.0616,0.7044,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”3,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.3089,-2.5287,1.842,0.1876,0.6817,-0.1876,0.6817,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”4,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.4539,-2.6455,1.842,0.2764,0.6508,-0.2764,0.6508,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”5,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.5773,-2.8067,1.842,0.3466,0.6162,-0.3466,0.6162,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”6,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.6687,-2.9997,1.842,0.4078,0.5776,-0.4078,0.5776,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”7,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.7205,-3.2117,1.842,0.4642,0.5333,-0.4642,0.5333,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”8,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.7282,-3.43,1.842,0.5172,0.4821,-0.5172,0.4821,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”9,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.6805,-3.642,1.842,0.5672,0.4221,-0.5672,0.4221,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”10,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.6014,-3.8254,1.842,0.6134,0.3517,-0.6134,0.3517,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”11,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.4818,-3.9962,1.842,0.6542,0.2682,-0.6542,0.2682,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”12,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.3228,-4.113,1.842,0.6867,0.1683,-0.6867,0.1683,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”13,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.1389,-4.1727,1.842,0.7054,0.049,-0.7054,0.049,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”14,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,0.0571,-4.1824,1.842,-0.707,-0.,0.7071,0,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”15,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-1.9613,-4.1824,1.842,-0.707,0,0.7071,0,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”16,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.0486,-4.1746,1.842,-0.7025,0.08,0.7025,0.08,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”17,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.1297,-4.1374,1.842,-0.6714,0.2217,0.6714,0.2216,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”18,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.1963,-4.0635,1.842,-0.6186,0.3423,0.6186,0.3423,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”19,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.2409,-3.9625,1.842,-0.5659,0.4238,0.5659,0.4238,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”20,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.257,-3.8616,1.842,-0.4999,0.5,0.4999,0.5,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”21,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.257,-2.7649,1.842,-0.4999,0.5,0.4999,0.5,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”22,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.2239,-2.6259,1.842,-0.4611,0.536,0.4611,0.536,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”23,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.1316,-2.5247,1.842,-0.2112,0.6748,0.2112,0.6748,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”24,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-2.0265,-2.4766,1.842,-0.0155,0.7069,0.0155,0.7069,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”25,0.1025,0.1004,0.06,-1.8536,-2.4592,1.842,0.,0.7071,0.,0.7071,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”26,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7533,-2.4657,1.8403,0.,1.,0,0,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”27,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7534,-2.4657,1.8144,0.,1.,0,0,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”28,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7534,-2.4767,1.7415,0,0.9925,-0.1218,0,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”29,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7534,-2.5253,1.6467,0,0.9403,-0.3401,0,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”30,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7534,-2.6176,1.5717,0,0.8596,-0.5108,0,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”31,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7534,-2.7373,1.5407,0,0.6828,-0.7305,0,0″ >Pole</s>

<s d=”32,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-2.7373,1.541,0,0.6828,-0.7305,0,0″ >Pole</s>

<s d=”33,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-2.7108,1.5417,-0.0004,-0.6659,-0.746,0.0004,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”34,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2094,-2.5885,1.5832,-0.0001,-0.4913,-0.8709,0.0003,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”35,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-2.4893,1.6882,-0.,-0.2383,-0.9711,0.0003,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”36,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-2.4584,1.8106,0.,-0.0013,-1.,0.0003,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”37,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-2.4668,1.8354,-0.0003,-1.,0.,0.,0″ >Pole</s>

<s d=”38,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,0.7233,-3.2959,1.8377,-0.0003,-1.,0,0,0″ >Pole</s>

<s d=”39,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,0.6967,-3.2959,1.6888,-0.0003,-0.9853,0.,0.1708,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”40,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,0.6181,-3.2959,1.5488,-0.0003,-0.9432,0.0001,0.3319,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”41,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,0.4958,-3.2959,1.4394,-0.0002,-0.8768,0.0001,0.4807,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”42,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,0.346,-3.2959,1.3731,-0.0002,-0.7958,0.0002,0.6055,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”43,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,0.1933,-3.2959,1.3522,-0.0002,-0.7066,0.0002,0.7075,0″ >Pole</s>

<s d=”44,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-3.9314,1.5391,0.4995,-0.4998,0.5004,0.5001,0″ >Pole</s>

<s d=”45,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-4.0173,1.5521,0.4206,-0.4209,0.5684,0.5681,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”46,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-4.099,1.5935,0.3128,-0.3131,0.6342,0.6338,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”47,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-4.1576,1.6608,0.1787,-0.1788,0.6843,0.6839,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”48,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-4.1868,1.7454,0.0615,-0.0615,0.7046,0.7042,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”49,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-0.2095,-4.193,1.8399,0.,0.,0.7072,0.7069,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”50,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7559,-4.193,1.84,0,0,0.7072,0.7069,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”51,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7559,-4.1946,1.7785,-0.7045,0.7058,0.0516,0.0515,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”52,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7559,-4.1196,1.6135,-0.659,0.6601,0.255,0.2546,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”53,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7559,-3.973,1.5385,-0.5362,0.5372,0.4607,0.4599,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”54,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7559,-3.9257,1.5389,-0.4998,0.5007,-0.5001,-0.4992,0″ >Pole</s>

<s d=”55,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7477,-3.8776,1.3615,-0.0006,-0.7075,0.0006,0.7066,0″ >Pole</s>

<s d=”56,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-2.1125,-3.8776,1.4989,-0.0006,-0.5958,0.0008,0.803,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”57,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-2.2091,-3.8776,1.6484,-0.0005,-0.405,0.0011,0.9143,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”58,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-2.2638,-3.8776,1.845,-0.,0.,0.0014,0.9999,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”59,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-2.2723,-2.7712,1.8493,-0.,-0.0002,0.0016,0.9999,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”60,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-2.2597,-2.7712,1.7653,0.0016,0.9916,0.0002,0.1293,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”61,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-2.1039,-2.7712,1.502,0.0017,0.9187,0.0007,0.3947,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”62,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.8332,-2.7712,1.3625,0.0016,0.7728,0.0013,0.6345,0″ >Circle</s>

<s d=”63,0.0416,0.0395,0.0189,-1.7495,-2.7712,1.3607,0.0012,0.7067,-0.0012,-0.7075,0″ >Pole</s>



————-[ STOP COPYING HERE ]——————————————

Guitar body shapes (my first post)

Hi all


Im new to this site so i wanted to give a piece of my work here in the form of (IMHO) really good own made slices. The best result for these slices is to make a custom pole (to prevent the webbing effect).

Do enjoy

EDIT: i dont know why the photos show like that with uploading im sorry.

Above the famous WARLOCK guitar 🙂 i saw this one and i had to do it. 

warllock-guitar note

The classic bassguitar shape




Ok this is it, more shapes will follow soon if this worked out the way i intent it too be.

Enjoy and tips welcome!


NOTE: Its highly recommended to use transistions when sculpting these shapes or make CUSTOM poles fort them to prevent the “webbing” effect due to the complexity of the shapes.