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Update History

Sculpt Studio updates are free and will be sent to you if you rez an old Sculpt Studio. At the moment a Studio gets rezzed it will check if there is a newer version available.

– Additional features and options on From-To B-Splines, and a slightly changed appearance.
– Added optional tags for Sculpt-notecards, so they can be used to make full tutorials.
– Added a Sim-Mapper to the HUD, suitable for mapping Regions in which rezzing isnt allowed.
– Added HUD-column functions for rotating Slices (Both Local and World ruler mode are available)
– some small bug-fixes as always

– big-fixes
– “Convex”,”Concave” and “Hyperbolic” as From-to featues for Slices to create curves with the sizes of slices.
–  “Convex”,”Concave” and “Hyperbolic”  as From-to featues for Slices, for only the X or Y component of slice-sizes. (“Only 1 Dim”)
– PosRotSize as from-to feature on Slices, combining From-to Position, Rotation and Size
– SizeBSpline as from-to feature on Slices, combining From-to Size and B-Spline

– Full support for oblong Sculpts (different numbers of Slices and Points per Slice)
– B-Spline Curves as From-To feature for Slices and Points
– Slice-mirror can now be configured to mirror both ways
– New tool: slice-repeater, to repeate sections of the sculpt
– New tool: slice-mover, to move a section of the sculpt
– Particles between two consecutive pole-slices are being turned black
– Improved HUD with additional features for directly moving slices in different ways
– Ability to use HUD-column-features on From-To selection
– Points now rez at a rotation that allows to make better use of the SL “Local Ruler Mode”
– Noise-feature
– Slice-Pusher Centrifuge
– Sub-menues derived from notecardnames for “Rez Slices …”
– Touch Next/Touch Previous in Point-menus
– Paste only x,y or z of a position or size of a Slice (Also as from-to)
– Paste only x,y or z of a position of a Points  (Also as from-to)
– Shift Slice-numbers for a From-To section
– New notecard-formats (the old ones will still load fine)
– Secondary notecard-format to replace the old “sculpting by scripting” feature
– New set of Mesh Textures
– New Slice-side textures
– Lots of bug-fixes, re-scripted parts, small improvements left and right and adjustments for oblong sculpts

– runs fully on Mono now (faster, less lag)
– added a HUD
– added copy,paste and from-to paste on Slices for “position and rotation”, “rotation and size” , “position and rotation and size”
– some minor bug-fixes

*V3.91 (Bug-fix update)
– a bug-fix for a Stack-Heap error in some situations
– added “Texture”-Feature to the Base-Menu for empty Workspace

– new 3d Brushes: Slice Pusher Wall and Sphere
– Touch Next or Previous in Slice-Menus
– From-To Thickness for Slices
– Automatic killing of accidental drag-copies of Slices and Points
– FT Shortcuts settings can now be changed
– Scan-Point range limited to avoid littering
– Rez missing Slices now allows to fix accidental deletion of Slices
– Introduction Flip Chart added
– Lots of fixes, corrections, improvements and minor changes

– Color-Coding & Slice-number on the sides of Slice-Prims
– From-To Scan (From-To feature)
– Fold-Mirror Points on a Slice (0-15 to 16-31) (On open Slices)
– New Point Pushers: Centrifuge, Ram (Rez Brush)
– From-To Curve on Points (From-To feature on Points)
– A Mirror for slices (Rez Brush)
– A few more Slice-Shapes and Sculpt-examples
– added Mesh Texture (indices)
– savety-question before killing slices added
– Viewer made transferable
– Several fixes

– SCULPT-notecards can save modified Slices directly now
– Copy&Paste of Position, Rotation and Size of Slices
– Slice From-To options for:
Point Size (only open Slices will be affected)
Point Particles (only open Slices will be affected)
Paste Position/Rotation/Size
– FT Shortcuts size now scaled according to Studio size
– some small fixes

– 3d Brushes: Point-pushing Wall and Sphere
– Sim-Mapping rescripted from scratch
– Partial Sim-Maps
– Sim-Maps for an arbitrary part of a Sim
– Slice-notecard format improved (old Slice-Notecard remain valid)
– Slice linking switched to visual progress showing
– From-To Link/Unlink
– Server-side improvements
– Curve-center Prims improved
– LoD Help
– “Sitting” on the Studio for Sculpting attachments

– RGB Cube Grid Sculpt Frame Textures
– Sculpt Frame auto-adjust progress float-text
– Sculpt Prim asks for Sculpt Type
– From-To Shortcut-Prims
– Changable Base Textures if Slices are rezzed
– From-To Feature “Curve” for Slices
– “Link” and “Unlink” in Slices-Menus if Slice is open, as help for moving open Slices as 1 Object
– Point-size selectable in Slice-Menu if Slice is open

– Examples fixed/improved/added
– Improved Sim-Mapping precision
– Automatic Sim-Map surface texture
– Spiral Rez Option for spiralized Sculpties (Good for Sculpties with only Pole- and Circle-Slices)
– Sculptie-Viewer remade from scratch
– All examples given as full perm Sculpties inside of the new Viewer
– From-To feature for “Edit Slice”, “Close Slice” and “Cancel Slice”
– Improved interpolation of rotations (Smooth and From-To Rotation)

* v3.01
– fixed smooth&rotations issue on certain angles
– fixed Sim-Mapping issue with very fast sims
– fixed From-To Selection malfunctions
– fixed “say slices” on resized studio resulting in wrong Sculpt-Notecards
– more Slice-shapes and Sculpt-examples
– custom result-filename (Sculpt Frame Menu -> Name)
– From-To Pasting of a copied Slice (Base Menu after you chose From and To on Slice-Menus -> Sl. X to Y -> Paste)
– Result-Prim automatism (Sculpt Frame Menu -> Sculpt Prim)
– Demo-Module (Base Menu if workspace is empty -> Demo Mode)
– Touch Point in Slice-Menu (Slice Menu if Slice is in Edit mode -> Touch Point)
– Copy Pos / Paste Pos for Point-positions (Point Menu -> Copy Pos / Paste Pos)
– From-To feature for Points on a Slice (Slice Menu after you chose From and To on Point-Menus -> Po. X to Y)
for Smooth Pos, Paste Pos, Distributing Pos x,y,z and
– From-To feature for Morphing Slices

* v3.00
– Rescripted and redesigned from scratch
– Added about a gazillion features
– much faster … much better … much easier … much more …

* v2.06
– Added the Teapot to give some visual help to get into it all
– Howto restructured ( still isnt perfect at all but getting better )
– Added a better Texture for Sculptie-Texturing
– Fixed bugs around Spine Saving / Loading and Zero-Radius Spine Pieces

* v2.04
– Killed a small bug with positioning of the Spine-Selector

* v2.03
– Modified Spines can now be saved and transfered
– “Example-Spines” have been replaced with a built-in Spine-Selector
– Clear the Slice-Shapers but keep the Spine now made easy
– raise and lower the Studio by 15 meters, for a better view
– All Slice-Shapers are now in the “Shape Box”
– The Surprise-Box has been Changed
– and more …

* v1.07
– Surprise added
– 2 Textures added to help texturing Sculpties
– From now on updates will be delivered when an outdated Studio is being rezzed

* v1.06
– Full Mesh lag-bug fixed
– Sculpt-Type Prims removed
– Sculptie Viewer Pro added
– Sculptie Selector Pro added

* v1.05
– BB-Slice Shaper update to v3.0 (improved capabilities)
– Improved Spine rezzing capabilities
– Laggy-sim bugs fixed
– Added more Example-Spines
– Enhanced Slice Shapes

* v1.04
– Added more Example-Spines
– Improved lag-resistance
– Added the new Sculpt-Types as full-perm Prims
– Spine rezzing made faster and more capable
– Full Mesh texture making made much faster

* v1.03
– “Slice by Slice” Mesh rezzing made easier (See Chapter 3b of the Howto)

* v1.02
– premodified Slice-Shapers and more Example-Spines added