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Drinking Glass

This notecard will rez with slices 0 through 15 for the outside and 16 through 31 for the inside.  At the bottom of the glass, slices 0 and 1 are in same position as are 30 and 31.  You can easily separate them.  At the top, layer 15 and 16 are in the same position. […]


LESSON 5: This is where we start getting picky about precision. We’re going to smooth out your balloon and add string to it. WARNING: This lesson may not make sense if you tried to skip LESSON 4! Now it’s time to get picky with our organic stuff and get more precise when it comes to […]


LESSON 4 : Now it’s time to open up a slice and start moving points around. We’ll be getting more familiar with setting “from-here to-here” for both points and slices. We’ll also cover sharp corners and flat ends. NOVICE CONCEPTS 1. manipulating points to get a sharp corner 2. setting your pionts to the edge […]


LESSON 3: Here is a fun sculpt that introduces a favored method of mine: using a photo to guide your sculpt. It is not the easiest way to make a balloon. It can really be ANY photo or set of prims. It is particularly good for more organic sculpts, at least until you can better […]


LESSON 2: I don’t know about you, but the first time I rez’d those “blank” slices, I got a bit intimidated and had a hard time imagining how I was going to make a sculpt out of it. It’s just such an odd shape to work with so we’re going to shorten it a good […]