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A B-Spline is a mathematical way of defining a curve utilizing a beginning and ending point, and one or more control points.

  • In Sculpt Studio the beginning point is the From Slice, the ending point is the To Slice, and the control point(s) are the spheres the Studio rezzes between the From and To Slices that modify the curve when Activated and moved.
  • The From and To slices are part of the controls and are not moved, resized, or rotated when the curve is redrawn.
  • You may have up to 11 control points per section.
  • You may have multiple sets of control points per workspace.
  • Changing the position, rotation, or size of the beginning or ending slice will require a manual Deactivation/Activation of the control points to cause it to redraw the curve.
  • Control points' size, position, and rotations are not saved in the SCULPT notecard and will be lost when killed.

Tips and tricks:

  • To keep the slices in the same x plane, make sure you start with slices at position 0 for the x axis in relation to the base and rotation 0 for the y and z axis.
  • Click here for an introduction to B-spline and other From-to exercises.

B-Spline Menu

Activates all of the control points to cause the slices to move to their position along the curve. This remains active until something causes it to change. Subsequent moves while active will cause the curve of slices to be redrawn.
Turns off the control points so they no longer control the slices.
Brings up a sub-menu to allow locking and unlocking of various axes and enables/disables size changes.
Splits multiple control points into smaller sets
Flips all intervening slices in range (rotates them the opposite way)
Turns particles on or off between control points
Float Text
Turn hover text on or off
Add Ctrl-
Adds a control point before the control point you clicked.
Add Ctrl+
Adds a control point after the selected control point.
Kill Ctrls
Removes the current set of control points.