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If you are comfortable with the basics of Sculpt Studio's tools and menus, the HUD provides you faster access to menus and can be tailored to give you quick and convenient access to your most frequently used functions and this can really help you get things done. For beginners try using the Hud for From-to functions which is a good way to get used to the way the HUD works.

HUD 001.jpg
  1. Connect/Disconnect from Studio. You can connect to more than one studio using the same HUD if necessary.
  2. Move the HUD using any of the 4 arrows. You can hide it on your screen when not in use. If the HUD doesn't move neatly away you can right-click it to 'edit' and drag it so that it works better for you.
  3. Click the black strip containing the words 'Sculpt Studio' to show the Studio menu.
  4. View more slices - these buttons give you access to up to 256 slices depending on how many slice you rezzed for your project. You can scroll through the slices and zoom in and out. For a 32 slice project these buttons will be greyed out.
  5. The numbers in the strip correspond to slice numbers. As a simple way to get started with the HUD, you can click and drag from one number to another which works exactly the same way as From-to and will give you the same menu.
  6. This section gives you the ability to apply any menu function directly to a slice. Click in a box which corresponds to a slice (number) and column (icon) to apply the current column function to that slice.
  7. Shows the column Icons:
    1. Use the arrows to to scroll through the 7 pages of columns you can use or change.
    2. To check or change the function for a column, click the icon. If you wish to change the function, follow the steps in the menu.

Links to more about the HUD:

Hints and tips

  • For sculpt projects with more than 32 slices, the HUD won't allow you to 'select all'. The first and last slice for a large groups of slices may also not be visible even when zoomed in. For situations where you might want to frequently apply a function to a group of slices where this is true, I recommend you rez a FT-Shortcut.