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A Sculptie in the SL Build Menu
Always "Use lossless compression" when uploading Sculpt-textures !
A Sculptie is a Prim-type in SL, that gets its shape from interpreting a given texture in a certain way to get a 3d shape.[1]
This shape-defining texture is called the sculpt-texture or sculpt-map and the Sculpt Studio is made to help you create them.
To create a Sculptie, you create a new Prim and change its Building Block Type to Sculpted.You can change the shape of it by changing the Sculpt Texture.
It is very important to Use lossless compression when uploading a Sculpt Texture to SL. Otherwise the precision of the sculptie would suffer from texture-compression and not give accurate results.
Within the SL-system, a Sculpt Texture is just like a regular texture.
To interpret a texture as a 3d-shape, the SL-Viewer will simply sample certain pixels from the Sculpt Texture and re-interpret the Red-Green-Blue data of those sampled pixels as X-Y-Z (positions) of mesh-vertices wihin the Sculpted Prim.

Sculpt Studio

TBB with a Bromelia (12 Prims) he sculpted with Sculpt Studio

Current Versions

Sculpt Studio version: v6.04 (rez an old Studio to get the latest version)
State of the Wiki: v6.03 (currently working on improving to the documentation)


There are many different paths for a specific human to learn some specific knowledge.
Such learning consists of four major components and a path is chosen by balancing these components according to the needs of an specific individual.
These are the components and their meaning in relation to learning the Sculpt Studio.

by Transmission

Traditional teaching.
Visiting a few Sculpt Studio Classes.
Observing a demonstration at Sculpt Studio Office Hours.
Following step-by-step instructions,
like Fleur's Version 6 Quick and Dirty Guide for new users,
or Ghanie's Sculpt Studio Tutorial. Please note that Ghanie's tutorial is from an earlier verison of Sculpt Studio and several aspects have changed. Fleur's tutorial and the inworld classes are more up to date, but Ghanie's was entry level for many users and still contains valid information.

by Acquisition

Choose a project, and learn the Sculpt Studio by only looking at the topics relevant to that project.
Similar to how most people learn a bit of LSL sooner or later.
Ask the group and browse this Wiki for information that helps you successfully completing your project.
Be ambitious and try to optimize your results as much as possible.

by Accretion

Join the group and its activities.
Show your results via Flickr and ask for feedback.
Visit classes and office hours to meet other people of our friendly community.
Find out if one of your friends already has a Sculpt Studio.

by Emergence

Study how SL and the Sculpt Studio work technically.
Learn what it means to have Prims which represent Slices and what type of manipulations are possible with the SL-Viewer and LSL-Scripting.


The Sculpt Studio and its parts often show colors to indicate what is currently going on.
Purple indicates you touched something.
Yellow indicates something is being loaded.
Green indicates something is being saved.
A gradient from blue to white always indicates a number.
For example the sides of the first Slice are blue and the sides of the last Slice are white.

About the Base

Also known as the "Mat". This is the Studio itself, the main object of the SS-System, which contains most of the other components.

About Slices

Slices contain a number of points. The positioning of the Points within a Slice is the Slice-shape.

About Points

Points are the smallest and most basic units within the Sculpt Studio. Each Point represents a vertex in the final Sculptie-Mesh.

About the Frame

The Frame becomes the bounding-box, when a Sculpt is made.

About the Server

The Server is where your results are being saved into usable files, for you to download.

About the HUD

The HUD is a helpful utility in the SS to allow faster access to many functions.

About Tools

The SS has a lot of tools built in.

About Plug-Ins (including SubSculpts)

The SS comes with a framework that allows 3rd-party scripting. SubSculpts are based on that framework as well.


You can touch pretty much any part of the Studio and all tools around it, to get a menu.
These are the menus and the parts you need to touch:

Studio-Menu (when workspace is empty)

Touch a Studio that doesnt have Slices rezzed.

Studio-Menu (when Slices are rezzed)

Touch a Studio that already has Slices rezzed.

Slice-Menu (when not editing the Slice-shape)

Touch a Slice that has no Points rezzed.

Slice-Menu (when editing the Slice-shape)

Touch a Slice that has its Points rezzed


Touch a Point


Touch the Frame

From-To-Menu for Slices

After selecting a Section choose "SL. X-Y" in the Studio-Menu

From-To-Menu for Points

After selecting a Section choose "Po. X-Y" the Slice-Menu

Rez ...-Menu

Choose "Rez..." in the Studio-Menu (when Slices are rezzed)


Choose "Map Sim" in the Studio-Menu (when workspace is empty)

B-Spline Menu

Touch a B-Spline control to activate/deactivate or change B-Spline options.

Saving to Notecards

Slice-shapes as well as full Sculpts can be saved in notecards.
All notecards that have "-SCULPT" at the end of their name will be seen as Sculpt-notecards.
Other notecards will be seen as Slice-shapes.
You can add these notecards to the content of a Studio.
They will be made available in the appropriate menus.

About Sliceshape-notecards

Link-list with community-made Sliceshapes

About Sculpt-notecards

Link-list with community-made Sculpts

FAQ & Techniques

Custom Slice-shapes

How to save custom Slice-shapes optimally.

Hollow Sculpties

How to make Sculpties that appear hollow in one or the other way.

Isolated Slice

How to work on a Slice-shape with an extra Slice that is not connected to a Studio.

Mega Sculpties

How to sculpt for Mega-Prims.

Multiple Studios

Working with more than one Workspace at a time.


Making Sculpties more resistant against distortions caused by the dynamic Level-of-Detail.

Separating parts

Cutting a Sculptie into separated pieces with the Slice-Shape "Pole".

Sharp edges

How to make edges in a Sculptie appear sharp.


How to align slices with SS-tools according the the side of a Slice-shape, instead of its center.

Texturing with Blender

How to texture a Sculptie with Blender.

Simple Closing Slices

How to fight against texture-distortion at poles.

Adding Pos/Rot C/P to other tools

Add rotation and position - copy and paste to other tools like mirror, repeater, etc.

Linking Solid and Phantom Sculpts

How to combine phantom and non-phantom Prims in the same object.

Adding a particle flame to a sculpty

How to add a simple particle-system a result.

Matching Mega Sculpties to Landscapes Perfectly

How do I make me be the creator of my sculptie?

How do I make custom pole slices?

How do I increase the number of slices in my sculpt?

I don't need all my slices, can I delete some?

Why does my sculptie appear rough? (The RGB-XYZ Conundrum)

Did you know...

May I move points off the z-axis?

My slices won't close properly, what can I do?

When I try to rez a blank stack, it stops before its done, is there anything I can do?

If I run into DNS-problems, how can I avoid them ?


Always "Use lossless compression" when uploading Sculpt-textures !

Help: Sculptie looks "molten"

You need to have "Use lossless compression" checked, in the upload-preview when uploading Sculpt-textures. Otherwise the image-compression of SL will melt your sculpted shape and reduce its precision.

Help: Sculptie looks "blocky"

There is a limit to the precision of Sculpties, independent of the tools you use to make them.
It is called The RGB-XYZ Conundrum.

Help: Preview does not show changes

Check your java-cache settings [2].
The java-cache does not like it when new files have the same name as cached files.
Alternatively you can rename your result in the Frame-Menu, before making the Sculptie!.

Sculpt Studio: Education

Eleanora Newell and Dave Dubienski teach classes for proficiency in Sculpt Studio.

[3]You've Got CLASS: Eleanora and Fox

Classes in Sculpt Studio from beginner on up. Classes are structured and given in text chat only.

[4] Dave's Classes in Voice

Classes for beginners and Workshop to build on your skills.

Texturing and Other Software

Sculpt Studio does an awful lot and helps us get into a creative state of mind fast, but texturing must be done by another program. This is not an all inclusive list of software. Each tool is just another brush in the can, and any good artist will have so many paint brushes, they lose count. We certainly will not try and name every brush here or we will run out of room! But these packages have been proven to be useful to Sculpt Studio sculptors and provide complementary features, such as sculptie texturing, and many of them are inexpensive or even free :)

texturing with the Emerald SL-Viewer

The Emerald SL-Viewer offers some nice extra-features, that can help a lot for sculpting and texturing of Sculpties.
Check out the Emerald Tips for sculpting.

other interesting Software

Program Cost Links Description
Sculpty Paint by Cel Edman Free Tutorial: Baking Textures with Sculptypaint Simple yet powerful 32x32 Sculptie program with smooth, import, paint and morph tools. A great program filled with lots of cool tools and comes with a lot of history. Its highly recommended by the maker of Sculpt Studio, TheBlack Box. Don't forget to support shareware with a donation.
The Gimp Free Open source 2D painter with many features, very similar to Photoshop 2D
AV Painter by Pootle Trollop L2495 The newest version supports importing sculpt maps and OBJ's directly. This is a great tool with a good following, and many folks will use it to get the UV map into a more advanced 2D graphics editor, like Photoshop or Gimp, for further refinement.
Blender Free Sculpties with Blender @ Machinimatrix Full blown open source free 3D modelling texturing and animation program with many devotees, its powerful but notoriously difficult to learn, having its own unique interface and menu system. Enthusiasts have made scripts and templates specifically for use with creating SL sculpties and many Sculpt Studio uses take their object files into Blender to bake shadows onto their textures.
Blacksmith 3D Limited freeware version available The freeware version works, but many tools are disabled. Use the OBJ output from Sculpt Studio. Make sure you turn off the option to 'Auto Create UV' before you hit Execute in the UV wizard. And when you apply the texture to a sculptie, click the Flip Vertical box in the Edit window, under the Texture tab.
Photoshop $$ Tutorial for CS4 3D Primarily a 2D paint program used by many sculpt artists to create sculpty textures, see the tutorial for tricks and pitfalls when painting directly onto a Sculpt Studio generated 3D Object Model using CS4 3D.

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