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About Slices

Like other 3d models (including regular Prims), the shape of a Sculptie is made by a mesh. In SL you can see those meshes with Ctrl-Shift-R (or Advanced Menu -> Rendering -> Wireframe).

In Sculpt Studio the nodes for such a mesh are called Points and they're organized into Slices. Each Slice represents a number of Points (often called loop). To reveal the Points of a Slice you need to touch the slice and choose Edit Slice. You can touch a slice by:

  • touching it :)
  • clicking the base and clicking Touch Slice
  • clicking the slice number in the HUD.

In Sculpt Studio the shape of such a loop (Circle, Square, Triangle, Star ....) is called Slice-shape. Think of it as the profile cut through the shape at the position of the Slice.

When the Sculpt-texture is being made, the Studio stitches the Points of consecutive Slices to get the final mesh.

The total number of Points you can have in a Sculptie in SL is fixed, but you can have them organized in 7 different ways.

  • 4 Slices with 256 Points each
  • 8 Slices with 128 Points each
  • 16 Slices with 64 Points each
  • 32 Slices with 32 Points each
  • 64 Slices with 16 Points each
  • 128 Slices with 8 Points each
  • 256 Slices with 4 Points each

32 Slices with 32 Points each is very good for learning the basics.

What is a Pole-Slice ?

Pole is a special Slice-shape that comes with the Studio. It has all its points at the same position at the center of the Slice. This can help you control the positions where the mesh converges at the beginning and end of the Sculptie, by using Pole on Slice 0 and on the last Slice.

Also the path between two consecutive Pole-Slices will become invisible. That can be used to cut a Sculptie into parts that appear to be separate.

To cut your sculptie into pieces, use Load Slice  ->  Pole on two consecutive slices. The HUD can also be used to load a Pole (or any Slice-shape).

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