Studio-Menu (when Slices are rezzed)

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Brings up several choices of tools you can rez.
Sl. ff-tt
Work with this range of slices
FT Shortcut
Rez a shortcut device. When clicked, allows you to change which slices you are working with.
Load All
Load a slice type into all slices in the sculptie.
Turns particles between slices on and off.
Touch Slice
A method for touching a particular slice to get its menu.
.txt Slices
This will cause the Studio to send the slice parameters to the server and bring up a web page so you can cut and paste the information into a notecard.
Brings up several options you can make
Edit Frame
Rezzes a Sculpt Studio Frame so you can define the bounding box and generate the sculptie map.
Say Slices
This will send the slice parameters to your local chat window.
Kill Slices
Removes all slices and rezzed tools for the Studio.


Click the Base